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Building hermes

This section provides you with instructions on how to build hermes in your environment.

Getting the source

  • Download the hermes package including the C++ source code from the hermes homepage.

  • Unzip the source package into a directory of your choice (this is referred to as $HDIR in the rest of this document). You can use 7-Zip or a similar tool for this task.


These building options are available:

  • Visual Studio - Description on how to build hermes with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler (using the provided solution and projects).

  • CMake - Description page for building hermes using CMake for Linux and Windows (Visual Studio/MSBuild).

Other compilers and platforms

Builds for Linux with gcc or clang are supported out of the box. For other compilers and/or platforms you can just adopt the CMake files.

Alternatively you can quite easily set up your own build. Basically all you need to build hermes with a different compiler suite and/or on a different platform is C++11 support. Just take the hermes source code and set up a library project according to the procedures necessary for your platform. If you lack C++11 support, you can also build hermes with a C++03 capable compiler if you have a relatively up-to-date version of Boost at hand.

You can also contact us to get a quote for commercial support for porting hermes to your platform!

If you run into compiler/build problems in your environment (especially compiler errors or warnings), please contact us. We then will try to resolve these issues.